I'm Ryan West
Motion Designer Extraordinaire

Ryan who?

Recovering After Effects junkie turned UX designer.

Ryan West

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

With a strong background in mobile UX design, my work has been in the hands of millions of consumers across the globe. Curious in nature, I’m motivated by intuitive design, aesthetics, and have a particular affinity to motion.

I believe that in order to produce an exceptional UX, not only must it be functional, reliable and useable, it should also be meaningful and even delightful. I help bridge the gap between interaction design and visual design by harnessing the power of motion design.

Core Competencies

It's in the details.

Interaction Design

I’m always thinking of how to improve products. Questioning along the way makes it easier to strip away the clutter. Working at companies like Google, BlackBerry and Riverbed has allowed me to focus on IxD solutions for various platforms from consumers on mobile to professionals in the enterprise arena.

Motion Design

I love to capture film, edit, animate, and create visual effects. Motion opens the door for storytelling and is a way for me to infuse delight. Not only does it bring a product to life, but it gives it personality. The most subtle motion may go unnoticed yet has the ability to instill a positive impression of the product.

Rapid Prototyping

I believe feedback is critical to the design process, and I seek it whenever possible. Paper prototypes, static click-throughs and animated mockups are all valuable methods of determining whether a concept is worth pursuing. Knowing when and where to apply each method is important and depends on the target audience and context.


Years of experience


Utility patent


Bowls of cereal this year


Animation on Netflix


A glimpse of my work.


A brief history.

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    Became a Dad!

    After moving back to Canada last year to be closer family, I'm now a proud father!

  • 2016 - Present

    Motion UI Designer at Thalmic Labs

    Defining motion design language across the entire digital product experience for wearables.

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    Got a Motorcycle

    Now that I've become accustomed to the beautiful weather in San Francisco. It would be an outright travesty not to ride every day.

  • 2014 - 2016

    UX Visual Designer at Riverbed

    Simplified and beautified enterprise networking products with a fresh modern UI. Designing dashboards, widgets and data-visualization.

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    Contributed toward an Emmy-win!

    For my animation contributions toward Season 1 of HITRECORD on TV, a variety show created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. See it on Netflix.

  • 2014

    UX Designer at Google

    Between froyo and nerf battles, I collaborated with user research and UX designers to create wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for Google OnHub.

  • 2013-2014

    Master of Digital Experience Innovation

    Completed the MDEI graduate program at the University of Waterloo. The program focuses on UX, design strategy and project management.

  • 2008-2013

    Motion UI Designer at BlackBerry

    Lead designer on numerous out-of-box experience projects from BlackBerry OS 5 through to BlackBerry 10, and named inventor on a design utility patent.

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    Bungee Jumping

    Got a temporary hit of adrenaline by plunging over 200 feet from a crane.

  • 2006-2007

    Flash Developer - Rio Tinto Alcan

    Designed and implemented interactive digital courses about environmental health & safety standards and company policies for employee orientation.

  • 2005 - 2009

    Bachelor of Fine Arts

    Completed a BFA with specialization in Computation Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. I essentially learned by making tons of digital media installations.